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THE HEALING COMPANY will immediately establish itself as the model for all other Caregivers in the State. The advantage that THE HEALING COMPANY brings to the debilitated, pain stricken member is an alternative to the traditional, often habit forming prescription drugs currently in use by a very large percentage of the population. The certain side effects, and cost of most if not all of these have encouraged the need for alternatives for managing pain, nausea and a very large array of other symptoms.


THE HEALING COMPANY directors have put systems and procedures in place to ensure that all members are screened, verified and monitored in accordance with all applicable laws concerning the dispensing of Medicinal Marijuana.

A Prospective member will have to:

 Obtain a Physician Certification for Medicinal Marijuana.

 Apply to the Arizona Department of Health Services for a Medicinal Marijuana ID card and Certification and Pass all of the State, City criteria.

 Be issued an Arizona Department of Health Services ID card for the use of obtaining Medicinal Marijuana from a Licensed Dispensary.

 Apply for The Healing Company Membership Card. 

THE HEALING COMPANY will help the prospective member in the Certification Process. The services will include those of the following:

The referral to State certified Physicians that can evaluate the conditions to determine if the Prospective member qualifies for the Medicinal Marijuana Program.

 The assistance with obtaining and completion of the necessary documentation  of the Arizona Department of Health Services for the qualification process.



Sign up for our Membership download the application.
Email the application back to us and we will verify the info.
We will contact you to discuss the assistance that you will need for
                          filing for medicinal marijuana certification with the AZDHS.

Benefits of The Healing Company Member 

The Healing Company Membership is going to be the most sought after patient membership in the State. The amount of Company Support, Education and other Benefits that will be explained will set the Standard for all other caregivers to try and achieve. 

1) The Assistance in Obtaining, Completing and Submitting all of the Proper State Required Applications for a Medicinal Marijuana Certification.

2) The Assistance with locating a Physician that is in your area to Evaluate your Condition, Conditions to see if you meet the State Criteria for a Medicinal Marijuana Certification.

3) The Assistance in Educating and acclimating you to The Healing Company way of Alternative Healing and the Proper way to Choose the Appropriate Medicinal Marijuana for your Specific Condition, Conditions.

4) The Access to the Best Medicinal Marijuana that will be available in the State.

5) The Highest Standard of Personalized Assistance Tailored to each Members Individual needs.

6) The Unlimited Access to The Healing Company website that will contain  Real Reviews, Comments and Recommendations of all of the Medicinal Marijuana available at The Healing Company. Unlimited access to The Healing Company Forum, Chat and Activity Calendar.

7) The Opportunity to be a Crucial Factor in Setting the Standard that all others will be Trying to Achieve and that Everyone else will be wanting to be a Part of. 


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